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Thomas Gray

Tasmanian Photographer

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#SWOLE Gymwear

  • Customer
    Brad George
  • Date
    Nov 2013
  • Duration
    1 Day
  • Category
    Product, Portraits, Graphics

Brad George, owner at, has a love for fitness. He decided to take on the difficult task of starting his own clothing label. With huge success in the first 10 months, #SWOLE Gymwear is expected to continue its huge growth.
'#SWOLE GymWear is Australian owned clothing company, bringing you comfortable, fashionable gym clothing that you wont be ashamed to wear anywhere!'.


Thomas Gray

Basic Info

  • Birth
  • Lives in
    Tasmania, AUS
  • Interests
    Landscapes, Seascapes, Nightscapes, Portraits, Street Photography
  • Camera
    Canon 550D & 7D, 10-22mm, 24-105mm and 50mm prime.

I remember visiting the local museum in the mid 2000's. It was an exhibition of wildlife photographs. In every image I saw, it evoked a different feelings and response. Hearing others commenting about certain aspects of the photos, and the exclamations of "ohhhh" upon viewing some of wildlifes most savage of hunters. The one image which I recall well, is that of an elephant and its herd crossing a river. The shot had a third of the camera below water which gave the perspective of what action lies beneath the surface, and then two thirds above, showing the gigantic elephants crossing the river, with beautiful golden sunlight splashing on there tusks, as they swum across to the other bank. Although I didn't pick up a camera until close to 5 years after this, I feel this was the moment that I realised it would be something I would like to do.

The Beginning

Purchasing my first DSLR after recently acquiring a job, I was able to save up enough to buy a entry level Canon DSLR. Initially not really knowing much about cameras and how to use them, I simply put it on Automatic and fired away. Obviously you can fluke a few shots, and get some alright results. But they are not even comparible to end products when using Manual or Aperture Priority. The creative control is endless.

So a few years went by, still not diving too deep into the realm of photography, simply hitting the shutter button pretending I was a pro, cause afterall, I had a DSLR! Look at me go! In late 2011, I finally decided to extend my knowledge of the art of Photography and starting reading, and watching anything I could. This great tool that us generation y kids use, called YouTube, it really is something else. Being able to learn off videos whilst seeing results, was a much more rewarding experience.

Although my knowledge has expanded ten-fold, and thus my images improved out of sight, I feel the art of photography will never cease to continue sharing new and improved ways of shooting. With introductions of new technologies and science expanding at the rate it is, no doubt the creative control will continue to reach new heights. I myself, simply want to continue to get better as a photographer, and one day hopefully make it a lifestyle. Until then, it is just a pretty fun hobby, where I can get out into nature and enjoy its riches. .

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  • Address: Tasmania, Australia.

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